let slip

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Tulliver had let slip to Maggie, but old habit had been revived by the interview with sister Glegg.
Godfrey said to himself again and again, that if he let slip this one opportunity of confession, he might never have another; the revelation might be made even in a more odious way than by Dunstan's malignity: she might come as she had threatened to do.
"Tell me, senor, do you mean to travel all that way for nothing, and to let slip and lose so rich and great a match as this where they give as a portion a kingdom that in sober truth I have heard say is more than twenty thousand leagues round about, and abounds with all things necessary to support human life, and is bigger than Portugal and Castile put together?
It was not without some surprise that I found myself obliged to entertain this view of the case; Pelet, with his old -established school, was so convenient, so profitable a match --Zoraide was so calculating, so interested a woman--I wondered mere personal preference could, in her mind, have prevailed for a moment over worldly advantage: yet, it was evident, from what Pelet said, that, not only had she repulsed him, but had even let slip expressions of partiality for me.
"Is it not powerfully reasoned?" said Porthos: and he puffed and blew like the conger which D'Artagnan had let slip from his hand.
The tall, light-haired young man retreated a step; but the two curious maidens had no mind to let slip their prize.
In her last tournament she had let slip a 5-2 final set lead to lose to Aryna Sabalenka at Eastbourne.
We weren't even told which restaurant it was - although, luckily, they did let slip which dishes she ordered.
PRINCE William revealed he's secretly a bit of a Red on his visit to Liverpool, when he let slip that they're his second team.
tough but played them it was one of we let slip fingers.
KIM Kardashian has let slip that she is having a baby girl.