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Produced by Giant Dwarf and co-written by Sarah Scheller and Alison Bell, who also stars, The Letdown was one of six Comedy Showroom pilots which aired last year on ABC TV as part of a joint initiative with Screen Australia.
And probably, the '05 Ashes series was my biggest letdown.
Langson Energy Inc, a company that has developed an efficient power conversion system called the Gas Letdown Generator, has shipped the unit to Argentina.
The signing of the declaration resembles an attempt to justify the letdown of last week and in the meantime Brussels has many times said that the name dispute can be solved only if VMRO-DPMNE and PM Gruevski want to," said Ermira Mehmeti-Devaja.
The highly anticipated third artist album from the Dutch superstar won't be a letdown.
Higgins has grown attached to his research subject, and Eliza finds that being a lady is something of a letdown.
Let-down of not only historic importance -Mersey maritime culture of world renown -but decidedly the most demoralising letdown of its down-the-ages craftsmanship skills and supportive apprenticeships.
But, that same bow will have about a 56-pound peak weight and a 17-pound holding weight during the letdown cycle, giving it an effective letoff of 70-74 percent.
Not the sort of letdown that's inverse to the hype.
Marketers looking to Generation Y to become tomorrow's "power" consumer segment are in for a letdown, according to Gartner Group Inc.
She contemplates the letdown whenever you actually get what you've longed for: in this case, a grass suit.
While it is heartening to learn that the modern mainstream is learning the value of mixing tart fruits and meats, it's something of a letdown to find that this "novel" antioxidant has been patented, given that Indians subsisted for centuries on fruited pemmican.