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3 Sharapova survived a letdown in the second set to beat No.
Despite a 12-day layoff since qualifying for the round of 16, the Mission League champions showed no signs of a letdown.
These products are intended for 1-2% letdown ratios.
This could be my last game, and it's a big letdown for our team, but it was an awesome season,'' Mosier said.
Also, typical colorants for conduit have letdown ratios of 2-3%, but this new family is used at 1% letdown in 125-mil pipe or conduit.
16 Oregon, the Trojans can't afford another letdown like the one last week against Washington State after beating No.
Eagerly-Awaited Follow-Up To San Diego Band's Multi-Platinum Breakthrough, 'The Beautiful Letdown,' Available As CD And DualDisc
It has been a real letdown that we are in this position but if you are realistic you have to say it has just not happened on the pitch on a consistent basis.
When you consider the stairheid rammy when Jade's verruca was uncovered in the Big Brother house, it was a serious letdown.
Lucidene[TM] 202 - letdown vehicle for metallic pigments.
The resulting increase in tinctorial strength and high levels of jetness attainable are said to drastically reduce letdown ratios of conventional carbon black colorants, as well as coloring costs, shipping costs and colorant inventory space.
The format and arrangement by decade are identical in both Ibelings' books, but whereas, in the first, one was struck by the inexhaustible variety and profusion of talent, the sequel leaves one with a feeling of letdown.