lethal weapon

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We have crossed the Rubicon, this is lethal weapons and I predict more will be coming," the newspaper cited a senior congressional official.
Brussels -- Chairman Kashmir Council EU expressed serious concerns over the use of lethal weapons by Indian troops and police personnel against peaceful people in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).
The Lord Chief Justice said offenders who provide safe hiding places for lethal weapons make a "significant" contribution to the use of firearms on the streets and elsewhere.
Without my lethal weapon, my life will still go on, No need for me to worry, should I kill a mother's son.
The lethal weapon of Oddjob, a Korean bodyguard to whom Goldfinger is faithful is a top hat with the guard made of steel.
According to the manufacturer, Lethal Weapon is most effective when used to active or mock scrapes during the peak of the pre-rut on through the entire rut period.
Went on to star in The Bounty, Mrs Soffel and The River before Lethal Weapon turned him into an A-List star.
The effective range of the weapons and their failure to work in 100 per cent of cases means that police are instructed not to use them instead of firearms when confronted by citizens armed with potentially lethal weapon.
The company established its name with the winning tradition of its moveable pin target sights but it has since brought the same attention to quality and precision to its Lethal Weapon hunting sights.
VAN NUYS - Hoping to put an end to the San Fernando Valley's addiction to speed, police on Thursday said they will take away street racers' most lethal weapon - their cars.
FORGET Lethal Weapon just look at Hollywood star Danny Glover's lethal jacket.
Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) In this outing, the Mel Gibson-Danny Glover formula was perfected but not yet tired.