lethal weapon

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He urged the international community specially UN and EU to stop India from using lethal weapons against masses in IHK.
On Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's call, the Union home ministry set up a group of directors general of police of various states and asked them to work out standard operating procedures to control mobs using non- lethal weapons.
Lethal Weapon 1: The Lethal Weapon 1 has four fixed pins (you can add more) and a long extension bar.
It's simply more difficult to field non-lethal weapons than lethal weapons because there's a much greater burden of proof, Law said.
We're taking lethal weapons off the streets,'' Delgadillo said.
The Lethal Weapon 1 features a micro adjustable windage and elevation of .
He said: ""I have the story in my head for a fifth and final Lethal Weapon, but it''s all up to Mel.
But we got the last laugh - and here it is, Lethal Weapon 4.
FORGET Lethal Weapon just look at Hollywood star Danny Glover's lethal jacket.
From the explosive start of Lethal Weapon 4 (15), which sees Mel Gibson and Danny Glover taking on a Robocop inspired baddie, it is clear that there's going to be no shortage of action.
Li may be a lethal weapon, but, thus far, his movies have been more toxic than any of his on-screen exploits.