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3) These outcomes may be underreported, but they are consistent with the mathematical model predicting that medications with a higher relative lethality will have higher morbidity and mortality outcomes, regardless of a patient's intent to overdose.
A capability such as this allows us to stay in front of high energy laser weapon lethality testing and modeling and simulation to support the current and growing number of Navy laser weapon programs," said Dr.
PLAID (Prior attempts, Lethality, Access to means, Intent, and Drugs / alcohol)
Class lethality = vessel lethality x fleet inventory
Increase the volume of hemorrhage leads to increased lethality (p<0.
Grace Chng, director of Soldier Modernisation Middle East 2009 said: 'With the continuous upgrading and increased spend in combat equipment and technology across the Middle East, Soldier Modernisation will provide the regional stakeholders with critical insights on how they can advance their existing capabilities using proven strategies in the lethality, survivability, mobility, sustainability and C4I areas.
So this Operation Frantic, as it was called, demonstrated again to the world that the speed, the range, the flexibility and the lethality of air power holds target sets at risk and today is what we would call on a global scale.
Accordingly, the purpose of this article is to provide supervisors with the Cube Model of Supervision and Suicide to assist in the conceptualization and implementation of supervisory roles based on the developmental level of supervisees and the lethality level of suicidal clients.
Even four years after the anthrax attacks, the public doesn't have a good sense of the types, symptoms, treatment, and lethality of biological agents.
The laboratory tests will examine acute lethality in rainbow trout and freshwater fleas in mining effluents.
The near-simultaneous attacks increased the lethality of the bombings, which targeted mainly Western tourists.
The new uniform is in keeping with our times," said Hawkins, adding, "Improving with the times enhances our warfighters' lethality.