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The charity says that lead poisoning victims will be lethargic, unable to feed, suffer organ failure and ultimately die unless treated.
Burnley looked like maybe they had the greater desire for it in the first half and we looked lethargic.
Furthermore, on the food service front, pork utilization has also been fairly lethargic, the report added.
By the end she feels lethargic, is two stone heavier, and her blood pressure has rocketed.
Trouble is, this is a lumpen, lethargic set filled with support band sludge such the hideous rock-funk title track, weary blues Psycho Vertigo and lyrically cringe-making Loud.
29 when his mother brought him to Simi Valley Hospital because he was lethargic and unresponsive, police said.
Are we too unimaginative and spiritually lethargic to believe this?
Republicans and some Democrats want an income tax rollback, but the Democrat-dominated legislature is unlikely to cede revenues, since the state's economic recovery has been lethargic in comparison with the rest of the country.
on the relevance of the modern publishing industry, which is so creatively and ethically bankrupt that it must spoon pabulum like this to readers too lethargic and narcotized to care that they are being insulted.
In 1999, he noticed that troubled-looking young lobsters, with discolored shells and lethargic attitudes, usually lived alone.
Without a lot of salt, my training schedule makes me very lethargic.