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Nevertheless, these coalitions acted lethargically and lacked the will to take measures against such economic instabilities and caused the collapse of the political centre.
A PREPONDERANCE of longlegged, beautiful princesses waiting lethargically for their prince to pass by is a criticism often levelled at the fairytale world.
The next day, another chick acted lethargically, so Elaine called Sowers, who told us that the chicks might be suffering from coccidiosis (an intestinal disease that chicks often contract).
The first part is the most pointless, lethargically charting events the world knows by heart: the outbreak of protests on Jan.
And if you yourself start this week lethargically, don't try to overcome this by pushing yourself.
The confusion initially arose after Praveen Kumar clumsily attempted to stop the ball on the boundary and, though successful, appeared to believe he had failed and strolled lethargically after the ball.
The Spaniard's opponent in Sunday's final will be world number twoNovak Djokovic, who lethargically snuck past unseeded BrazilianThomaz Bellucci4-6, 6-4, 6-1 in the day's second semi.
Businesses are holding on to their protective cash cushions, worried perhaps that the economy could slip back into recession or at least grow too lethargically to make an investment worthwhile.
You're concerned because Daisy has been behaving oddly--moping about lethargically, dozing off with uncharacteristic frequency and showing little interest in her food.
I process the words slowly and look down lethargically to discover a jet-black snake coiled around my left ankle.
consumer spending has been rising, though lethargically, since the summer, aided by transfer payments and tax cuts with programs such as the "cash-for-dunkers" and homebuyer tax credit.
Eve is presented above, lethargically pointing at Adam through a break in the wall.