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Businesses are holding on to their protective cash cushions, worried perhaps that the economy could slip back into recession or at least grow too lethargically to make an investment worthwhile.
Eve is presented above, lethargically pointing at Adam through a break in the wall.
consumer spending has been rising, though lethargically, since the summer, aided by transfer payments and tax cuts with programs such as the "cash-for-dunkers" and homebuyer tax credit.
Whether they came out with fire or played so lethargically at the start, the straits would soon turn dire.
Scotland started lethargically and were punished when Ilcho Naumoski opened the scoring after just five minutes.
Sure enough, Dantzer says, the rats lost interest in previous pleasures and activities: They didn't care for sugary water, they didn't run on the wheel and, when placed in a pool of water they swam lethargically, barely keeping their heads above water.
As his lonely days lethargically pass by, Folantin finds brief diversion in the redecorating of his lodgings and the discovery of a patisserie that delivers.
Church building proceeded lethargically, in the 1720s not at all, and the 8-10 Reformed ministers laboring in the colony in 1710 had not increased.
It's the perfect evening; yellowed cottonwood leaves stirring languidly, willow boughs nodding lethargically.
Carlos Alberto Parreira, the Brazil head coach, has already confirmed that Ronaldo will start the match against Australia in Munich on Sunday, an announcement that has caused surprise among those of us who watched the player perform so lethargically that a flight home seems the only appropriate conclusion.
Sometimes, teachers allow students to leave pieces when they are still played too slowly, too lethargically or without character.