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I would have got out to make certain on the point, but some leaden lethargy seemed to chain my limbs and even my will.
The fellow was almost upon Perry when the feel of the gun in my hand awoke me from the lethargy of terror that had gripped me.
He would have risen to fight off the creeping lethargy, but his legs seemed weak, so that he sank again to the bench.
For hours together he remained in a state of utter lethargy in his chair.
I had the name of an old offender, so that I had nothing to expect but death in a few weeks' time, neither had I myself any thoughts of escaping; and yet a certain strange lethargy of soul possessed me.
When I'm equally lowered all over, lethargy sets in.
Again, however, his active spirit shook off the lethargy which springs from despair.
The RPO also issued directives to make the UC Squad patrolling more effective for the arrest of the street crimes and warned that no lethargy and negligence would be tolerated in this regard.
They said that the office has become a corruption hub due to officials' lethargy to perform duty 'without bribe.
According to a senior official of the ECP, traditional lethargy on the part of the federal government and other institutions had forced the commission to invoke Article 220, which reads 'it shall be the duty of all executive authorities in the federation and in the provinces to assist the commissioner and the Election Commission in the discharge of his or their functions'.
Clinical signs of illness tend to mimic that of other diseases in terms of acute vomiting, abdominal pain and lethargy so a specific diagnosis is often difficult to achieve.
But it is an undeniable fact that she dragged a Britain - ravaged by unionism and lethargy - into a new era of empowerment and productivity.