letter of introduction

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Tear up your letter of introduction, and don't stir a step further in the direction of Whitehall.
I had visited this gentleman's house, it may be remembered, at the time of my first inquiries in the Blackwater Park neighbourhood, and I had presented to him a letter of introduction from Miss Halcombe, in which she recommended me to his friendly attention in the strongest terms.
One gentleman on board had a letter of introduction to me from a mutual friend in London.
Pardiggle wrote a letter of introduction to my guardian in behalf of her eloquent friend Mr.
I had a letter of introduction to an old Catalonian Spaniard, who treated me with the most uncommon hospitality.
They bore a general letter of introduction (the Babu salaamed to it orientally) to all Government officials.
Give me a letter of introduction," says he, addressing my lady, "to one of the magistrates at Frizinghall-- merely telling him that I represent your interests and wishes, and let me ride off with it instantly.
Provide a letter of introduction that includes the name and location of the company, a statement of interest and the following non-collusion statement.
Being in America's Registry can be viewed by the members as a letter of introduction to all the other members.
He was only to give a letter of introduction containing his appointment as New Zealand's ambassador who also maintains ties with the Palestinian Authority.
An ambassador accredited to Israel cannot be the same person to hand a letter of introduction to the Palestinian Authority," he said.
And cello leader Carl Fuchs, who had first come to Britain in 1887 with a letter of introduction from Clara Schumann, and was a British subject, was unable to retain his post after being interned in Germany following a visit to his sick mother in Jugenheim in summer 1914.