letter of recommendation

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LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION, com. law. An instrument given by one person to another, addressed to a third, in which the bearer is represented as worthy of credit. 1 Bell's Com. 371, 6th, ed.; 9 T. R. 51; 7 Cranch, Rep. 69; Fell on Guar. c. 8; 6 Johns. R. 181; 13 Johns. R. 224; 1 Day's Cas. Er. 22; and the article Recommendation.

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I took up the letter of recommendation from the floor.
In the letter from his parents was enclosed a letter of recommendation to Bagration which the old countess at Anna Mikhaylovna's advice had obtained through an acquaintance and sent to her son, asking him to take it to its destination and make use of it.
We are extremely proud to be recognised by DEWA through their green product Letter of Recommendation award.
The hospital was suing to recover an economic loss caused by the inaccurate letter of recommendation.
To apply for the prize, applicants must submit a written application with personal data and a short biography; the applicant's need for the grant; the young athlete's educational results; a letter of recommendation and assessment from the school; recommendations from coaches, instructors, sports clubs or sports associations.
Applicants must submit a letter of interest along with a resume and a letter of recommendation from a state representative or senator or a member of Congress by June 19.
The purpose of this essay is to instruct teachers how to write a letter of recommendation for their students.
Whether a letter of recommendation is for admission to a program, scholarship, graduate school, residency program, new job, or special award, how often have you had to ask for one or been asked to write one?
a letter of recommendation from an administrator or supervisor, a teaching colleague, a student, and a parent, not to exceed five letters.
A letter of recommendation, the nominee's vita, and two copies of an example (no more than 9,000 words in length) of the nominee's scholarly writing should be sent by 1 October to John Peters, President, Joseph Conrad Society of America, PO Box 311307, Univ.
There are several prerequisites for consideration in the program, including improv training or experience, as well as an essay and some letter of recommendation.
Paul's letter to the Romans concludes with a letter of recommendation for a woman named Phoebe and a list of greetings to various ministers.