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LETTER OF CREDENCE, international law. A written instrument addressed by the sovereign or chief magistrate of a state, to the sovereign or state to whom a public minister is sent, certifying his appointment as such, and the general objects of his mission, and requesting that full faith and credit may be given to what he shall do and say on the part of his court.
     2. When it is given to an ambassador, envoy, or minister accredited to a sovereign, it is addressed to the sovereign or state to whom the minister is delegated in the case of a charge d'affaires, it is addressed by the secretary or minister of state charged with the department of foreign affairs to the minister of foreign affairs of the other government. Wheat. International Law, pt. 3, c. 1, Sec. 7; Wicquefort, de l'Ambassadeur, l. 1, Sec. 15.

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On 2 March Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki received the new Head of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Macedonia, Ambassador Peter Ingemann Moesgaard Sorensen, who handed Minister Milososki the copies of the Letters of Credence for his appointment.
Al-Houti is scheduled to tender a copy of his letters of credence to Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic soon.
Zuma delivered his remarks during a credentials ceremony where he received letters of credence from Ambassadors Ali Yousif Ahmed Sharif of Sudan, Rodrigo Guillermo of Republic of Panama, Francisco Javier Marambio of Chile, Goran Vujicic of Serbia and Jacques Lapougne of France.
Vatican -- Receiving letters of credence from a new ambassador of Taiwan on January 30, 2004, the Holy Father declared that the religious and cultural conditions of Taiwan bear witness to the fact that human development should not be limited to economic or material success.
When I came here," she said, "the first thing I did on my first day at work was to ask about the Ghanaian community here, because the president had told us in Accra, when he was giving us our letters of credence, that the next important thing dearest to his heart was the Ghanaian community abroad.
Counsellors of State also receive Letters of Credence from new foreign ambassadors.