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(When it was approved at General Synod in 2004 and as recently as its Autumn 2006 newsletter, Letting Down the Nets was described as self-funding, supported by funding from dioceses and other organizations.
In spite of Thatcher's policy of starving the city of funding, at the end of our term, Liverpool's debt per head of population was the same as England's major cities and, far from letting down children, Liverpool was honoured by education experts as the only city opening nursery classes during a period of savage cuts.
"I am convinced that the people we have on board, including the steering committee of Letting Down the Nets and our regional consultants working together the way we do, which is very collegial, very much a team effort, that we have more than enough expertise collectively, more than enough vision and passion for the work," he said in an interview.
The 21-year-old said: "I'll be trying very hard to beat him but, yes, I am more worried about not letting down my supporters.
Dioceses are expected to provide both human and financial resources, but majority of the funds will come from Letting Down the Nets.
Again I can only apologise for this, we feel let down by our partners and ultimately feel we are letting down you too.