letting off

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Warning of the potential dangers of letting off smoke bombs among a football crowd, Sheriff Smith added: "You knew what you were doing and the courts will take a serious view on this problem, which appears to be on the increase.
Earlier, two newly-wed brothers in Pakistan could be facing long prison sentences after police arrested them on terrorism charges for letting off firecrackers during their joint wedding ceremony.
By letting off a rapist who's paid compensation, the Supreme Court sends a wrong message.
I am sorry to be letting off steam in your newspaper, but just felt that the person who organised for this sign to be put up in the first place might just be a Daily Post reader like us.
CONNECTIONS of the Derby finalists helped Blue Square to spread the word still further about Saturday's big race at Wimbledon by letting off a balloon for each of the six runners at Wednesday's Derby lunch - with a mystery prize awaiting those that are returned.