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5), (6) This study showed that using a LAP index, CML, and leukemoid reaction could clearly be distinguished from laboratory specific established normal values (Figure 3).
A high LAP score with no blast population present could direct the physicians to the differential diagnosis for leukemoid reactions.
To identify independent predictors of leukemoid reaction (ie, characteristics that are statistically significant after other variables are controlled), variables related to the outcome (leukemoid reaction) at P < 0.
Antibiotic administration during the current hospitalization or the previous several weeks was documented in all 20 patients with leukemoid reaction (case group) and 59 (91%) of the 65 patients in the control group.
This is performed on peripheral blood smears and can help differentiate between reactive granulocytosis or leukemoid reactions from CML.
Key Words: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, Clostridium difficile, leukemoid reaction, pseudomembranous colitis
1, 2) Laboratory evidence of a leukemoid reaction is often worrisome to physicians, since hematologic malignancy must be ruled out by examining the peripheral blood smear, using the LAP score, and possibly performing a bone marrow biopsy.