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Figures for the campaign by mass-circulation daily Trud had not been updated since February 17, by which date it had raised more than 55 000 leva and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church did not make public how much it had earned.
Although the corporate headquarters of GPU's new combined energy services and delivery organization will be in Reading, the emphasis on quality customer services and the need to fulfill our commitments to the state of New Jersey and the communities we serve there will necessitate a continuing substantial corporate presence in New Jersey," Leva said.
In 1994, Leva contributed a chapter to a book on cultural change in the electric utility industry, "Lessons in Cultural Change," published by Public Utilities Reports.
Our primary responsibility is to supply our customers with competitively priced, reliable electric service," Leva said.
As to going out to eat, at the peak holidays most large restaurants wanted a couvert price of up to 100 leva for a Christmas or New Year dinner.
Jim Leva has the ability and experience to lead GPU.
Despite the pressures of a more competitive industry, I am confident that we can maintain an appropriate payout ratio," Leva said.
Their first break came when an investor liked the romantic comedy script enough to kick in $100,000, so Leva switched to 35 millimeter stock.
Leva told the shareholders that of the 22 financial analysts who actively follow GPU, nearly two-thirds have strong "buy" recommendations on the corporation's stock.
On March 19, Leva announced GPU's intent to consolidate its New Jersey business unit, Jersey Central Power & Light, with its Pennsylvania business unit, Metropolitan Edison/Pennsylvania Electric.
Tickets: 30/40/50/60/70/80 leva sold at the NDK ticket centre and online at eventim.