level of excellence

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Summary: Shaikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs has said that 'Shaikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA)' serves as a catalyst and driving force for national institutions to achieve the highest level of excellence in performance and attaining the best results.
And as we continue to grow our market presence, it is important to add senior level professionals who maintain the level of excellence of the Emden team.
I hope I can live up to the level of excellence set by the coaches who have been in this position before me.
Trans International's SwiftData 200 SATA Internal Raid--taking the Macintosh G5 to a new level of excellence.
It is this level of excellence permeating throughout our city and state that continues to take us to new heights.
Each student who attends ARTS Week is guaranteed a cash grant scholarship award of $500-$3,000 depending upon his or her level of excellence.
The opportunity to acquire and exhibit these works of Islamic culture, deemed by scholars over the decades as being of the highest level of excellence, is profoundly satisfying, particularly at this time,'' LACMA president and director Andrea L.
The award is presented to suppliers who have sustained a level of excellence in customer satisfaction by meeting requirements for quality, delivery, materials management and engineering.
In the market-place today, competition among carton and label suppliers, as well as our own standards of quality don't always allow us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the level of excellence we have achieved in pursuit of our customers' needs," explained David A.
Since its inception in 1988, its clients have come to rely on a high level of excellence, personal service and attention to detail.
This lease renewal with PriceWaterhouse Coopers is a testament to the level of excellence we strive to provide our tenants.
The firm's purpose is said to be to achieve the highest level of excellence in black and color rubber mixing, calendering and custom slitting, compounding, research and development services and customer service and satisfaction.