level off

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However, the price rises are unsustainable and will level off.'
The study, published in the African Journal of AIDS Research, said the epidemic peaked last year with about 4.69 million people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa and had started to level off. The new estimates were based on statistical methods developed by Thomas Rehle, an independent consultant in international health and disease control.
The company's sales and marketing director, Steve McPherson, says that the drop in claims will result in better financial results for insurers than initially predicted and may allow premiums, which have been rising by up to 30 per cent per year, to level off.
Personal consumption continues to level off, providing the bureau chiefs with another excuse for the downward revision.
Fok: As time goes on, IP storage will slowly gain acceptance and Fibre Channel deployment will slowly level off. Already, Fibre Channel's situation can be compared to what is happening to SCSI.
Prices of key feedstocks (PTA and ethylene glycol) were driven up this past year by energy price increases but are expected to level off at their current high levels.