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The premier, however, dodged the question of whether Tokyo will persist in carrying out the survey despite the fierce South Korean protest or will negotiate a settlement, only repeating, ''We will deal with it in a level-headed manner.
Fresh romance seems to temporarily drain brain cells from level-headed girls.
My suggestion is that your excellent magazine devotes a lot more time to presenting serious and level-headed articles on these subjects, sparing us the sensationalist stuff offered up by the media.
I think most level-headed people in Merseyside would agree that, generally speaking, there is very little trouble.
David Van Biema's level-headed article in the Globe and Mail, 13 April 1991.
FIFA, the Federation Internationale de Football Association, actually took him to court arguing the name damaged the image of the sport, but a level-headed Japanese judge disagreed.
Investors and the public at large will be best served not by vision, inspiration or auras of integrity but by level-headed, responsible action.
She predictably dredges up quotes from all the lefties who hang like millstones around the necks of progressives, but she adds plenty of Kumbaya-sounding rhetoric from more level-headed types.
This level-headed, non-aggressive policy means that there is no cause for terror or war against Switzerland.
Jumping from the Dionysian abandon of an artist like Nitsch (a normally level-headed reference book informs us that the Actionists "represent the most unsavory, sadomasochistic trends" in performance) to the coolness of commercial logos might seem unwarranted, but performance and design are really two sides of the same coin: Both blur the boundaries between art and daily life.
Still, Schudson's level-headed account is a fine place to begin if we are to try to create a more vibrant ideal and practic e of citizenship.
One cytokine, called transforming growth factor (TGF) beta, often acts as the level-headed protein of the group, encouraging the troops not to overpopulate a region and cause inflammation.