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Gordon Strachan will have done his homework and will know the sort of young guy he is, his family background and will know he's very level-headed.
But Forster said: "We need to keep level-headed and make sure we keep picking up results.
Craig Huffstadt (Hank Azaria), who boasts a thriving psychiatric practice, a beautiful, clever and dedicated wife named Beth (Paget Brewster) and a sensitive, reasonably level-headed son (Anton Yelchin).
Wright said: "Wayne's a level-headed lad and he can deal with it.
Kate Collins is the only level-headed member of a family of nut jobs.
Yet he has come through as a level-headed, thoughtful, compassionate young man.
And Schwarzenegger presented a level-headed approach toward illegal immigration that's missing among most politicians these days, one that balances the interests of illegal immigrants with the health and security of the overall population.
It still has a few sensible, level-headed members but they are totally outnumbered by obsessed Europe-haters.
Last year, the 51-year-old New York native presided over the highly publicized Robert Blake preliminary hearing in Van Nuys, where he earned the reputation of being intelligent and level-headed, according to Cary W.
Cech was similarly level-headed but insisted he was ready if called upon.
K-19'' virtually copies the tense crew dynamics of the Simpson-Bruckheimer submarine thriller ``Crimson Tide,'' pitting Ford's terse captain against Liam Neeson's more level-headed commander.
He's a good player, hits a long ball and is very level-headed," said Singh, whose own challenge faded with a double-bogey six on the final hole.