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The Tuesday debate at the EP was heated, with most MEPs speaking out in favor of Bulgaria and Romania's Schengen Agreement bid and arguing for level-headedness and no double criteria in introducing additional political requirements - something that member states such as France and Germany have already done.
On issue of the Kingdom's territorial integrity, Radi underlined that the resolution adopted by the European parliament on Laayoune's events was hasty and premature, and that the European deputies should, from now on, show wisdom and level-headedness when it comes to tackling similar issues.
Nevertheless, it is hard not to admire the pluck of the men nor the level-headedness they displayed as they used a mobile phone to alert police and guide them to the roads they were roaring along.
But level-headedness prevailed and the new work being performed at Liverpool Empire next week was named Men Y Men.
With the news that the Brazilian ace has resisted Manchester City's megabucks and turned down a $147 million move - $70 million more than the current world transfer fee record Real Madrid paid to Juventus for Zinedine Zidane in 2001, Kaka has shown exceptional level-headedness and loyalty.
Return of the Mac Former England boss Steve McClaren showed this week he can still show dignity and level-headedness despite the fallout from his treatment when in the top job.
In all of Woolhouse's narratives of Locke's intellectual engagements and controversies, Locke's good sense and level-headedness shines through, as does his humour, good and ill; his wit and passion.
With his signature enthusiasm, wit, and level-headedness, Wallace shares proven keys to professional and personal success.
Mary met Hayley, who was supporting Il Divo and is currently riding high in the charts with her Odyssey album, shortly before she took to the stage and was impressed with the 18-year-old's maturity and level-headedness.
Having a positive attitude to our nation, to our family, friends, business colleagues - is fundamental but enormously difficult to achieve, but easier when we maintain our resolve and level-headedness.
He brought with him a wealth of experience gained through his many years in Indian politics, and a level-headedness that helped him diffuse potentially volatile situations.
If only we had kept our level-headedness, we would have come out shining in the face of such despicable behaviour.