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Despite conceding a well-worked goal from Northern Ireland's Craig Cathcart, the Liverpool player could be pleased with a performance which showed a maturity and level-headedness belying his years.
There is no magic solution in this struggle, and it requires determination and level-headedness, along with patience, responsibility and good judgment.
For the next president, the challenge will be setting priorities and balancing resources at a time of declining military budgets, suggests Dobbins, who along with a group of RAND analysts will be part of a cadre of think tanks that will seek to inject some level-headedness into the political discourse on national security.
Credit where credit is due, the U-turn would not have been achieved without the level-headedness of President Barack Obama and President Hassan Rouhani, who, during his election campaign, pertinently noted: "It is good for centrifuges to operate, but it is also important that the wheels of industry are turning.
I can't do anything about the protests, I Turn to Page 46 FROM BACK PAGE can't do anything about what's going to happen next season with my position so I just have to stay focused and maintain some sort of level-headedness going into these games and make sure we get the right results.
If you wrote down "Who is Vladimir Putin," you'd be wrong: the paper's editorial board has either politely ignored the Russian dictator's creeping grasp of power or referred to his electoral escapades with the level-headedness you'd expect from an even-handed, if somewhat bloodless, publication.
Andrew Staien, contracts manager for Keepmoat, said: "Charlie takes everything in her stride and the whole team is impressed by her work ethic, her level-headedness and her ability to deal with any situation in a calm and logical manner.
Being able to create a story (and hold back from the temptation of the incessant real-time photo upload vomit) has become such a rarity; one that demonstrates level-headedness, a fair amount of restraint, finesse, and careful execution.
The Supreme Court's decision in this case applies a welcome amount of level-headedness and rationality to the proceedings that have so far taken place.
The level-headedness and strength of the United States were reflected in a public opinion poll that mirrored the sentiments of ordinary men and women across the country, while the indigenous chicanery and criminality that sometimes rear their ugly head were evident in the words of a senior official of the George W.
Instead, Mandela prevailed upon South Africans for calm and level-headedness, urging them to 'move forward to what is the only lasting solution for our country--an elected government of the people, by the people and for the people.
Louisa Calder was the great-niece of Henry and William James, and the bracing air of New England level-headedness is evident in her pronouncement.