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He's quite a levelheaded young man, and we hope he will keep progressing.
Your daughter sounds like a levelheaded girl and is probably only interested in a good weekend away.
Tahir is volatile and angry at the prejudice he faces, while Rabia is levelheaded and open.
Gil, by comparison, is a milquetoast, a seemingly levelheaded gay man in a stagnant five-year relationship with Charley (Steve Coogan), a restaurant owner with whom, the film's witty narration tells us, Gil will "never have a three-way.
Eventually, Tad proves to be more interested in his new starring role than in the virtues of West Virginia, and Rosalie shows herself too levelheaded to want a life in Hollywood.
may have prompted many levelheaded conservative Americans uneasy about the prospective war on Iraq to throw their support to the president.