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The socialist MP urged for levelheadedness, arguing that politics must involve emotions, but not at the expense of reason.
That is something we need to put right - we need to make sure we bring our best game and a levelheadedness to the pitch.
Critics on both sides of the debate praised Baum for his sensitivity, levelheadedness, impartiality, and humor.
It is not often that I find myself praising the US for its levelheadedness but on this occasion I think our American cousins have got it right.
The group is notable for its experience and levelheadedness.
We believe that Obama's intellect, caution, levelheadedness and calm demeanor make him better suited to lead a nation that must respond to many unwelcome changes with yet more change," the endorsement read.
The problem is I'm not gambling enough, and somewhere in Britain there's a community action group, an Olympic hopeful, a hospital ward, that is feeling the pinch of my levelheadedness.
If you are born with composure and levelheadedness, then it's a fantastic attribute to have as a goal-kicker - and James has it," said Jenkins, now Wales' kicking coach.
I'm glad I did it because it showed my levelheadedness and team spirit.
The former England striker has played alongside some of the best in the business and although Moore is still a raw talent, Phillips acknowledges that his levelheadedness will give him a head-start.
Those closest to Cirio say her levelheadedness and clarity of purpose, not to mention her charisma, point to an auspicious future.
It would be brilliant if we could get European football but we have got to just take our last four games one at a time,' he said, his levelheadedness masking his tender years.