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A little lever that had hitherto been obdurate now confessed itself mobile.
He was between a tree-stem and the saddle, with his leg over the steering lever and, so far as he could realise, not hurt.
Lever coming towards them with his lumbering quickness.
Nothing," said Lever, with a deepening accent, "only you did not.
Edmond inserted his lever in the ring and exerted all his strength; the flag-stone yielded, and disclosed steps that descended until they were lost in the obscurity of a subterraneous grotto.
After several blows he perceived that the stones were not cemented, but had been merely placed one upon the other, and covered with stucco; he inserted the point of his pickaxe, and using the handle as a lever, with joy soon saw the stone turn as if on hinges, and fall at his feet.
Before ever his minions could lay their hands upon you, you might seize this very lever from which you have just warned me and wipe out the entire city.
A dozen times shots grazed the Thuria's side, and as Carthoris could not leave the control levers, Thuvia of Ptarth turned the muzzles of the craft's rapid-fire guns upon the enemy as she clung to the steep and slippery surface of the deck.
I shook my head sadly, and motioned to the starting lever.
30-30 lever guns, Henry is doing well, Winchester is back in production with the 94, and Marlin has the 336.
We're excited to partner with a market leader like Jazz and bring collaborative hiring to Pakistan," said Sarah Nahm, CEO, Lever.
Flip the disassembly lever up, pull the slide back, and ease the slide forward under control until spring tension is released.