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Keeping in view the stage at which the lesser penalty application was filed, co-operation extended in conjunction with the value addition provided in establishing the existence of the cartel, the CCI granted Panasonic and its individuals 100 percent reduction in the penalty than was otherwise leviable.
"All these multiple leviable bookmakers would need to be found and levied," continued the barrister, who said the task of enforcing such payments would be "unrealistically cumbersome".
This is unfair in the light of the SRO30(I)/2015 by the FBR and Sindh Revenue Board orders, which clearly state that the above-mentioned taxes are to be collected only in case of purchase or transfer of property and, therefore, are not leviable on existing lease holders of 'A' lease.
For Availing The Benefit Of Input Tax Credit On Implementation Of Gst And Also For Claiming Statutory Variation, The Vendors Must Submit The Break-Up Of All The Duties /Taxes/Charges Leviable On The Tendered Item Viz.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 7 (ANI): The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council on Monday announced consideration of cess leviable on motor vehicles in its 20th meeting held scheduled for August 5.