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[Latin, Law.] In medieval Jurisprudence ,a body or collection of various laws peculiar to a given nation or people; not a code in the modern sense, but an aggregation or collection of laws not codified or systematized. Also, a similar collection of laws relating to a general subject, and not peculiar to any one people.

In modern U.S. and English jurisprudence this term signifies a system or body of laws, written or unwritten, applicable to a particular case or question regarded as local or unique to a particular state, country, or jurisdiction.

See: act, canon, code, enactment, law, provision, statute, term


a system or body of laws or a particular specified law.

LEX. The law. A law for the government of mankind in society. Among the ancient Romans, this word was frequently used as synonymous with right, jus. When put absolutely, lex meant the Law of the Twelve Tables.

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