liable to disappear

See: elusive
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Houses and what they contain vary comparatively but little, and are not liable to disappear.
KK was always liable to disappear in a cloud of exhaust fumes if he did not get his way, of course and he famously fronted up fans on the steps of St James' Park after selling Andy Cole to Manchester United.
Stating that the risk, however is that those cash flows can be quite ephemeral and liable to disappear in a matter of months if some big market movement takes place.
There are about 32,000 post offices remaining in the country – and they are virtually all liable to disappear in the near-future, given the rising costs of postage and the increased usage of the internet for personal and business correspondence.
And that tax advantage is always liable to disappear if the government changes the rules.
Even the results lurking on the right hand side of the screen are liable to disappear at any given time and be replaced by anchor man Stuart Cosgrove.
Is this a demonstration service that is liable to disappear at an inconvenient moment?
59] Once this theory is questioned, the problems that obsess them are liable to disappear.
When faced with the Scottish predilection for doubling up on any Rangers or Celtic striker, the gangly Norwegian is liable to disappear into a blind alley, trailing one of his infamous goal droughts behind him.