liable to mistake

See: fallible
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But, I say we are all liable to mistakes and I should feel sensible of your delicacy, and grateful for it, if you would spare me these references to Harthouse.
On the other hand, the fact that instincts are not always absolutely perfect and are liable to mistakes;--that no instinct has been produced for the exclusive good of other animals, but that each animal takes advantage of the instincts of others;--that the canon in natural history, of 'natura non facit saltum' is applicable to instincts as well as to corporeal structure, and is plainly explicable on the foregoing views, but is otherwise inexplicable,--all tend to corroborate the theory of natural selection.
I made a mistake; we are all liable to mistakes; I won't do so any more, and I'll become such a lawyer as is not often seen.
The best of us are so liable to mistakes, that even you, Mrs General, have fallen into a little error.
Surely, no one is liable to mistake "Sports Night" for "The Larry Sanders Show." It needs to sharpen its ax and really let loose on the sports establishment, which is overdue for a good pounding.
I am a human being and liable to mistakes. I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart," says EBK amidst thunderous applaud and standing ovation from the audience for accepting the blame and saying, "I'm sorry".
With regard to the behavioral predispositions that are "slowly acquired through natural selection, we need not marvel at some instincts being apparently not perfect and liable to mistakes" (p.
They try outrageous things, which thrills the crowds - but also makes them liable to mistakes at crucial times and places."