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Current: CalCPA Board of Directors; Council, Estate Planning Committee board liaison.
An effective liaison program should focus on communication, user services, and program evaluation, while distributing the management and oversight of the program among members of a "Liaison Advisory Team" [5].
Assign the Bar staff to review liaisons to Bar committees and reduce the number that need a liaison.
Liaison Technologies is an international provider of integration and data management services that help thousands of organizations in more than 35 countries optimize their business operations.
Few of us are lucky enough to be greeted with "Votre ame est un paysage choisi que vont charmants masques et bergamasques," with or without liaison between "masques h et bergamasques.
During the liaison meeting, TEI asked the Department to consider amending the paragraph 19(8)(a) to exclude a loan amount owed by a CFA where another provision--clause 95(2)(a)(ii)(D)--would apply to any interest on the amount owing if the amount were owing to another CFA.
The Research Refreshers originated from an established liaison relationship forged by the Business Reference Librarian with the College of Business and continued by the Business Liaison Team.
Of particular interest to information dissemination is the realignment of Taxpayer Education and Communication (TEC) with the former alignment of Communication and Liaison and Government Liaison and Disclosure.
As the first congressional liaison for MTMC, I view my job as an chance to break new ground in linking communication from the command to Capitol Hill.
Maggie Braun, CCD Executive Committee Professional Development Liaison 612-227-8835
As an active local resident and the parent of three children who attended Timber Lane, Teresa Fernandez moved comfortably into the role of Hispanic parent liaison.
The Budget Liaison Program was initially formed out of necessity.