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As this pilot was undertaken within a clinical service provider only, the separate ALN and CLN roles were not required, therefore a new role was established, known as the NETP Liaison Nurse (NETP-LN).
The effect of an ICU liaison nurse on patients and family's anxiety prior to transfer to the ward: An intervention study.
This led to the Mason Report (1988) recommending the need for forensic court liaison nurses, though it offered little by way of guidelines on what we should be doing, or how to achieve this.
In 2010, Bradford District Care Trust (BDCT) school nursing clinical leads (hereafter referred to as 'the team') were approached by the BDCT paediatric liaison nurse (safeguarding).
Alcohol liaison nurse, Julius Mukarati, said: "Treating chronic and acute effects of drinking alone costs the NHS PS2.
Combs, a community liaison nurse coordinator for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, began Youth Expressions of Health in 2002.
In my work as a psych liaison nurse on the trauma unit at SFGH, it shocked and saddened me that so many of our patients had histories of untreated childhood trauma,” said panelist Laurie Barkin.
Avallone, who is the diabetic liaison nurse in Leominster, and school nurses in Fitchburg and Worcester public schools can upload those blood sugar measurements directly to doctors at UMass Memorial, who can respond accordingly and keep track of student levels throughout the school day.
He had surgery on the Sunday afternoon and by the Monday morning a fracture liaison nurse was talking to him.
One of the nurses was hired to be a liaison nurse with the ability to scan patients care and help the doctors decide if home care was the best option for the patient.
There she has worked as a care programme approach manager and community psychiatric nurse and more recently as an acute hospital liaison nurse.
When starting work in an HIV inpatient unit, I would never have imagined that my career path would lead me to the role of ward and day care community liaison nurse.