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Health chiefs from Betsi told the inquest that changes were being implemented, including acute liaison nurses being in place to help staff when dealing with patients with learning disabilities, and greater nurse leadership.
Notification is sent to the named school nurse of all young people who attend A&E, but the liaison nurse identified that there was not an agreed pathway to highlight the young people to school nursing teams who did not attend school.
Albie Zentveld, Mental Health Liaison nurse, Queanbeyan Hospital
In my work as a psych liaison nurse on the trauma unit at SFGH, it shocked and saddened me that so many of our patients had histories of untreated childhood trauma,” said panelist Laurie Barkin.
Avallone, who is the diabetic liaison nurse in Leominster, and school nurses in Fitchburg and Worcester public schools can upload those blood sugar measurements directly to doctors at UMass Memorial, who can respond accordingly and keep track of student levels throughout the school day.
He had surgery on the Sunday afternoon and by the Monday morning a fracture liaison nurse was talking to him.
One of the nurses was hired to be a liaison nurse with the ability to scan patients care and help the doctors decide if home care was the best option for the patient.
There she has worked as a care programme approach manager and community psychiatric nurse and more recently as an acute hospital liaison nurse.
When starting work in an HIV inpatient unit, I would never have imagined that my career path would lead me to the role of ward and day care community liaison nurse.
We are working with NWAS and are trialling a new dedicated liaison nurse system so the ambulance crews can hand over a patient to the care of a qualified member of staff as quickly as possible.
The role of the psychiatric consultation liaison nurse in evidence-based approaches to lateral violence in nursing.
An ICU liaison nurse plays an important role in linking the ICU and general wards, assessing any health risk after discharge from the ICU, and providing support and clarifying care issues to the ward staff (Chaboyer & Elliott, 2007).