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In newspapers the gatekeeper is the editor, who should be fully aware at all times of distinguishing between free speech and downright libellous statements.
But it has been littered with potentially libellous comments and insults against teachers and former pupils, according to unions.
My tweet not libellous but I don't have money to contest a multi-millionaire.
Any swearing or libellous comments about opponents will be edited out.
He said that it appeared that the website had republished a libellous allegation from the back page of the Daily Mirror earlier that day, implying that O'Neill had been disingenuous in complaining that Liverpool were seeking to conduct transfer negotiations in public when he had conducted private negotiations with Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez 20 days earlier.
The story was libellous because it implied that Gerrard was flouting the Football Association's transfer rules.
Cllr Ms Griffin's letter made a potentially libellous statement I wish to correct.
It is a difficult area of law, but we have to look at what we can do about a website that is not monitored properly to prevent scurrilous and libellous comments being made.
The Associated Press reported that Freeman has said he does not believe the book to be libellous.
Lawyers at Shearer's management company, the Marquee Group, believe the article is libellous, leading people to gain the wrong impression of Shearer.
A BUSINESSMAN won pounds 22,000 damages yesterday from a former pal who created a fake and libellous Facebook site
Leicester Mercury editor Nick Carter said: "We have to monitor what is said on our website to make sure people are not posting comments that might be libellous, breach the law in any way.