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The "mock medievalism of the Ditchling religious aesthetic," as Miles and Shiel describe it, tended to block out individual or modernist elements, but Jones's engravings for Hilary Pepler's collection of light verse Libellus Lapidum embraced a more open, energetic, and modern style.
Sebbene gia nel 1430 Bruni si vedesse oggetto del Libellus contra Leonardum--operetta in tono sarcastico di Alfonso Garcia da Cartagena, vescovo di Burgos--fu poco dopo lo stesso autore del libello a limitare, e di molto, la portata della propria critica.
A woman named Hostilia sent a libellus to Caracalla, claiming her husband, Eros, whose name indicates slave status, was reclaimed as another's slave (Evans Grubbs, Law and Family 269).
Beall presents a new Latin edition with facing pages of English translation of Libellus ad Leionem Decimum, a long letter addressed in 1513 to the new pope Leo X.
Hugenii, Cristiani; Libellus de ratiocinis in ludo aleae [1657], The value of all chances medskip in games of fortune; cards, dice, wagers, lotteries, etc.
Cruz, Martin de la 1964 Libellus de medicinalibus indorum herbis: manuscrito azteca de 1552 segun traduccion latina de Juan Badiano, 2 v.
During the period of Austro-Hungarian dualism, the leaders of the Transylvanian Romanians' national emancipation movement related to the demographic factor broadly along the lines of the strategy used in the famous memorandum of 1791 Supplex Libellus Valachorum, but there were also new nuances and references to the manner of collecting data about the population, etc.
Andrea Alciato (1492-1550) was a lawyer and humanist in Milan who is best known as a legal scholar and as the author of his Emblematum libellus (first authorized edition 1534), the first of the emblem books that became popular in the sixteenth century.
Following this is Eustachi's treatise Le Libellus de Dentibus, published in 1583.
Tambien menciona a Avempace en otros textos, como en el tratado para dilucidar la cuestion de la unidad del intelecto humano, Libellus de imitate intellectus contra Averroem (19), donde Avempace aparece citado por dos veces, con referencia a su libro Kitab fi ittisal al-'aql bi-L-insan (Tratado sobre la union del intelecto con el hombre) (20), segun el titulo latino De continuatione intellectus cum homine (21).