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John Dodd (Sefton Council, Liberal Democrat) Abstained
In terms of MPs returned, the Liberal Party enjoyed a modest revival in the general election of October 1931.
It's telling that there hasn't been a big backlash against liberal reformers in Estonia, the country that has gone furthest in the transition from communism to free markets.
Montreal--Quebec MP and former cabinet minister Stephane Dion had barely been elected the new leader of the federal Liberal party at a convention in this city on December 2 when he let it be known that he would be ready to "crack the whip" at his caucus when it came time to vote on whether to reopen the same-sex "marriage" issue in Parliament, scheduled for December 6 or 7 (Can Press, Dec.
Liberals have traditionally been wary of the VAT for some of the same reasons that conservatives approve of it.
A liberal cultural Christian can disagree with a conservative Christian who rants about birth control, abortion, intelligent design, or school prayer, but the liberal always risks losing the moral high ground to the conservative, who inevitably seems, in the mind of much of the public, to be the "real" Christian.
With November elections fast approaching, even some of the most liberal immigration advocates are jumping onboard the "brick wall" bandwagon.
These shifts were themselves linked to successive modes of rule: 'reason of state' associated with the rationalisation of the principles of state government; 'police' with its apparatus of surveillance which first constituted population as an object of knowledge; and subsequently with liberal governmentality, as we shall see.
Today, assessing accounting students and helping them to integrate liberal learning and professional learning should be part of every business professor's teaching focus.
Our low perception of liberal arts-or too much preference for doctors, lawyers, engineers-influences the market demand.
Many liberals speak to conservatives as if a more liberal federal government is going to happen sooner or later, and conservatives will be "on the wrong side of history" when all is said and done.
What does the word 'liberal' mean in PakisAtan today?