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Key to Dewar's argument is that, both historically and today, the differences between liberalism and social democracy, or between the Liberal Party and the CCF-NDP, are much smaller than the gulf that separates them from the Tory and neoconservative traditions.
Ryan is rather indifferent when faced with Tocqueville's suggestion that liberalism might become paternalistic.
Their recasting of the tragedy in order to validate their curdled conception of the nation marked a ruinous turn for liberalism, beginning its decline from political dominance.
He finds that they do not agree on many positions associated with liberalism, for example the boundaries of toleration, the legitimacy of the welfare state, and the virtues of democracy.
To stay viable as a political ideology, liberalism needs to show that it can remain true to its universal norms while being responsive to cultural complexities and differences--both within a pluralistic liberal democracy and in the globalized world.
Furthermore, the orderly subdivision of the book into four parts is sequenced in a way to enable a reader to chronologically follow the development of neo liberalism as a concept, its coherence, practice and ultimately its prospects.
Transformations and Crisis of Liberalism in Argentina, 1930-1955
Taylor is an enthusiastic and sophisticated advocate of a comprehensive variety of liberalism that he locates in Rawls' seminal presentation of justice as fairness in A Theory of Justice.
Indigenous Citizens: Local Liberalism in Early National Oaxaca and Yucatan, by Karen D.
Gregory clearly delineates the complexity of Augustinian political theology and proposes ways in which that theology might be constructively related to political liberalism.