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Perhaps, for future complex and uncertain humanitarian interventions, leaders may want to integrate relevant principles from both realist and liberalist approaches when making decisions if, when, and how to intervene.
It was their unbacked banknotes that most endangered the independence of producers when they radically devalued in the credit crunch beginning in 1836; hence, the Cleveland Liberalist, backing Smith, argued that "dazzling pictures of [the] promise to pay [have] proved a chain equal, and more than equal, in enabling the strong to compel the weak to give of their substance than the superstition & slavery of ancient times....
The Liberalists argue for peace through institutions.
More specific outcomes of this author's work include reinforcing the notion that neither liberalist nor realist theory alone can account for why nations get involved in international conflicts.
Southeast Asian security studies have accumulated knowledge, explanations, and understanding in a few partly competitive, partly complementary constructivist, realist, and liberalist theory-baskets.
However, we cannot ignore the liberalist thinkers' tendency to explicitly claim that the spontaneous functioning of a market economy necessarily leads to solving problems and achieving goals set by the participants at the economic activity.
All these movements were based on Eurocentric liberalist ideologies which sought to achieve social justice by increasing social, political economic and legal freedoms, combating discrimination, and insuring equal access to opportunities for education and employment.
Pointing to what he said was a "real concern" in Washington over the increase in Islamic extremism among fighting elements, efforts were being focused on networking with secular, liberalist opposition groups inside the country -- so far, the U.S.
November 06 2011 (TUR) -- Italian Senator Paolo Pietro Amato from Liberalist People's Party (Popolo della Liberta' Party) has said that he loved Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) very much.
As such, though as he argues Obama is himself not a revolutionary, his upbringing and exposure to the struggle against racism for equality places him at the conjuncture of history, what Campbell calls the 'inflection point.' This conjuncture is the moment at which the old liberalist ideas of rule became crisis ridden--as demonstrated by the near collapse of Wall Street which signaled the beginning of the end of US hegemony and the dollar as the currency of World Trade.
(128) The ends are altruistic, Kantian, and liberalist but the means are yoked by realist national security fear.
To my knowledge nobody has ever accused me of being liberalist. I love trees, but I don't hug them.