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Laughing Liberally is part of a national volunteer organization called Living Liberally, a social networking organization for like-minded progressives.
Liberally Hopped is an excellent beer that should prove to anybody who doesn't already know that Denver, among its many other qualities, is a world-class beer city."
Congress who have a daughter vote more liberally on women's issues, notably abortion.
Vintage black and white photos liberally pepper a dramatic account of obstacles and achievements alike: it's amazing the Union Pacific got off the ground and grew, given its many hurdles detailed here.
In 2001, wildlife managers put the heaviest females on a restricted diet but continued to feed the thin ones liberally. Robertson and his colleagues now report that the diet indeed ended the excess of sons.
Bartimaeus's essence may be weakened, but his delightfully witty comments still liberally pepper the narrative, making this book a joy to read.
Black and white photos are liberally peppered throughout--and quite clear--as Stephens provides riveting stories of her ghostly encounters which go beyond trying to prove their reality to describe their impact and appearance.
Abergavenny Auctioneers J Straker, Chadwick & Sons' latest wine auction catalogue is something 'just a little bit special' say the auctioneers with a plethora of classic Christmas wines and spirits, including many mature vintages, liberally spread throughout the 970-lot catalogue.
On the downside is an Insane Clown Posse reference, and the fact that the term "sk8" is used in the title and liberally throughout.
For patients who are critically ill with acute lung injury, there are logical reasons to both restrict fluid intake and to liberally apply fluids.
You should vote accordingly, whether it is liberally or conservatively, on the issue.
While some courts have been liberally expanding the subcontractor exception to the "your work" exclusion, others have been eroding remaining business risk defenses.