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Kate Donaghue of Westboro, who also is in charge of the Drinking Liberally chapter that meets at Owen O'Leary's in Southboro, made a brief pitch to the Milford group for a Groundhog Day campaign event this weekend for Jason Palitsch, a candidate in the March 31 special election for the 11th Worcester District's state representative seat previously held by Matthew A.
It is best known for its offshoot, Drinking Liberally, a social club where progressives are invited to cry over a pint in bars and other venues while dishing on politics.
Under the new legislation leasehold improvements to restaurant property are treated more liberally and qualify for 15-year amortization as long as they are placed in service more than three years after the date the building was first placed in service.
After liberally sampling the potentital Eau De Dale, he even found time to lend a local lady a hand with her shopping trolley.
Olives need free-draining soil and also need to be watered liberally and fed with a liquid fertiliser every month during growing season.
Clearly, the IRS is liberally applying its authority to grant waivers under the hardship exception.
They should liberally salt their food, favor sports drinks to water during workouts and consume salt-rich foods regularly, especially in heavy training months in hot and humid climes.
Incidental is not defined and has been interpreted liberally by individual CPAs.
Personal memories, erudite and novel references alternate liberally in the text exhibiting a humanism not yet fully appreciated among Renaissance scholars.
The federal jihad against Stewart borrows liberally from the tactics used against New York hotel owner Leona Helmsley.
THE hotly-topped London trio aren't afraid to learn a lesson or two from their peers and the result is a debut album which borrows liberally from better-known contemporaries yet strangely sounds all their own.
The problem is that he speaks almost exclusively in finance-ese, liberally sprinkling acronyms throughout.