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If parents do visit their married daughters', it is seen as a sign of liberalness, urbaneness and tolerance on the part of the woman's m-laws for allowing such a visit.
A second broad category of responses deals with issues relating to Giuliani's perceived liberalness: that he is pro-choice on abortion, that he is too liberal or not conservative enough, and that he has supported gay rights.
The liberalness of Israeli women is probably related to a more egalitarian educational system.
Based on a five-point Likert scale (1 = conservative and 5 = liberal [accounting for reverse scoring]), higher scores correspond with greater liberalness (Abbott, 1988).
Any expense incurred must be necessary to achieve the company's goal (income)--there is no room for 'liberalness' here.
Ultimately, Eugene's story is tied to the city of San Francisco, known for its liberalness and homosexual history.
which rank presidents and senators by liberalness. (52) I coded the
Surprisingly, a broad shift in public pop icy in the states cannot be traced to reapportionment, and several scholars have, in fact, found little or no evidence that malapportionment affected the overall liberalness of state policy, including overall levels of expenditure and labor regulation.
This scale possesses high test-retest reliability (.72) and good discriminant validity as indicated by low correlations with intelligence, social desirability, and political liberalness (Lester & Bishop, 1997).
[H.sub.1] State government liberalness will relate more to the adoption of earlier state lotteries than later adoptions.