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A person should be able to earn a living having learned skills ("now" purpose), as well as make contributions to the community and lifelong learning ("lasting" purpose), via a mind that was liberated via the liberal arts.
The goal, as I understand it, is to become liberated from the desire for certainty and thereby celebrate wandering faithfully.
Liberated from alienated work and want, perhaps the eroticized, communalized body politic imagined by '60s utopians would reemerge.
Earlier on the day, a security source was quoted saying that security forces liberated regions of al-Mawali, al-Nazwah and al-Nahyah, located West of Rawa, in Western Anbar.
Revealing the Unspeakable,'' a photo exhibit hailing the Allied soldiers who liberated Europe, will open at 9:30 a.
Hence, the Israeli military regulations mean nothing in liberated Palestinian Lands.
Now, however, while Schussler Fiorenza does not entirely disown her earlier view, she has chosen to make the modern idea of a liberated woman her only lens for seeing, and so she can complain: "Although this is one of the few gospel stories in which a female character is accorded 'voice,' the final promise .
Johnson's revised, liberated black written tradition would also accept everything and leave itself open to all possibilities.
A training program to integrate human rights principles into community policing in newly liberated areas of Iraq included 60 members of the Iraqi Interior Ministry from community policing," the UN mission said in a press release.
TEHRAN (FNA)- About 15 percent of the Syrian territory remains to be liberated from terrorists, according to the Russian Armed Forces Group in the country.
He was down to 90 pounds when he was liberated just four days before he was scheduled to be executed.