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They rarely included overt sexual imagery and, while some included a news section, the broad-based radical politics of the earlier liberationists now gave way to news coverage around issues of direct concern to the gay community and a bar-attending readership--such as law reform, police harassment, street violence and, from 1983, the AIDS epidemic.
Sinclair had, in a sense, entered the events as commentator and was in effect revising and re-organizing the received and 'official' version of Zimbabwean liberationist history.
79) Feminists outside the state saw the benefit of a "big tent" approach; as a Dayton liberationist described, "You need the wild-eyed radical people to make it possible for the milder--viewed as the more reasonable--organizations to make any progress.
Yet, there may seem, for most animal liberationists, something odd and unsettling about advocating a speciesist liberation, odd in the same sense that an argument for racist black liberation or a sexist women's liberation movement might seem unsettling.
Liberationist Human Rights: Fixing Homosexual Identity
Berry is attempting to reawaken in his countrymen consciousness of an alternative tradition to their predominant devotion to innovation, material and economic growth, and liberationist dreams.
In Britain, the optimism of the early 1970s soon gave way to fractious arguments between anti-sexist and liberationist men's groups, which by the early 1980s had become sundered.
The challenge of developing a multiracial, anti-racist, feminist, queer liberationist, environmentalist, anti-capitalist, and radically democratic movement is central.
His main point is this: College-educated members of the baby boom generation have fused what used to be contending sets of values, the bohemian and the bourgeois, chiefly by blending the liberationist cultural values of the 1960s with the liberationist economic values of the 1980s.
My objection to the child liberationist position should in no way suggest that I do not place great value on freedom.
I was firmly convinced that in order to engage truly in the liberationist cultural project, especially as outlined by al-Hafez, one had to confront the religious establishment and its reactionary thought.
The story of Lewis (Ben Mendelsohn), a footloose, unemployed theater director who against all odds stages a bizarre production of the Mozart opera in a mental hospital, also wallows in liberationist uplift left over from ``One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.