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The chairman of the Alliance for Albanians, Ziadin Sela, said Hisni Shaqiri's BDK and Valon Kurtishi's association Ilirikum Libertas joined the Alliance for Albanians.
Contract notice: Insurance coverage of the national sports center libertas, using a single batch consisting of "accident associates," "third party liability in the national sports center libertas, its joints peripherals and its members," "support" (only for options supplementary) .
Relying on diplomatic sources, the Libertas web portal says that the government, pressed by foreign diplomats, will most probably start getting rid of the "services" of the showman Milenko Nedelkoski.
Aco Kabranov in a text for Libertas, published in Sloboden Pecat, comments that the news of the working lunch of the Prime Minister with a selected company of journalists was learned about one week after.
Cullen brings over 15 years of industry experience to the position, in the areas of strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, product in-licensing and out-licensing for companies such as Rhodes Pharma, Libertas Pharma, Paddock Labs and Prasco labs.
Libertas Pharma is offering the vitamins in chewable tablets.
Critique: In a story that could be ripped from tomorrow's headlines, "Publius: Libertas Aut Mors" establishes author Baltazar Bolado as a first rate writer able to capture his reader's total attention and hold it unfailing from beginning to end.
Ganley had tried for Lisbon II - the second vote by the Irish on the Lisbon Treaty - to extend the Libertas movement to other member states ahead of the European elections of 2009.
E' centralita condivisa dalle Chiese cristiane, tanto che la tradizionale rivendicazione della "libertas Ecclesiae" cede il passo alia priorita della rivendi-cazione della liberta religiosa come diritto umano, fondamento della costruzione di un ordine sociale giusto e via per la pace e solidarieta tra i popoli.
The current issue of Libertas Mathematica (new series) is dedicated to the memory of our late friend and colleague Professor Francesco Saverio De Blasi, as a recognition of his outstanding contributions to mathematical research, for his human and intellectual qualities, very original ways of addressing life and mathematics, and for being always ready to help, encourage and support (even financially) many mathematicians from Eastern Europe.
Valon Kurtishi from Ilirikum Libertas, who said the motive for the protests was the burning of national symbols and desecration of religious buildings and symbols, is against reporting about these problems as religious and stressed that in Struga there were a few religious fundamentalist groups.
A new Ishida 4-mix multihead weigher is helping major Serbian supplier Libertas offer more than their ten different frozen fruits as individual products.