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Liberticidal laws are not always ferociously enforced.
Like Hungary's controversial media law, considered liberticidal, its telecoms tax poisoned the debate at the start of this country's EU Presidency.
Unfortunately, though, liberticidal violence is also current in our lands.
The congratulatory message sent by Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes to the Hungarian government, which stands ready to mend its ways, no doubt had the anticipated effect: a majority in the EP agreed, on 17 February, to postpone the vote on an opinion that denounces a law considered liberticidal, which is under review by the EU executive for "serious concerns" about its compatibility with EU law, including the Charter of Fundamental Rights (particularly Article 11 on freedom of expression).
Numerous MEPs were critical of the law, considered liberticidal by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
However, in a section entitled 'Europe falls from its pedestal', the RSF denounces "the often liberticidal legislative activity of certain European Union member states and the new upsurge in anti-press proceedings brought by political leaders".
The other author, French Socialist Guy Bono, added: "If the French government wants an agreement on the telecoms package, it has to give up the liberticidal provisions of the Hadopi bill in the name of the general European interest".