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Is it possible that you can have avoided seeing, that these libertines, in their utter disrespect for you, and utter disregard of all gentlemanly behaviour, and almost of decency, have had but one object in introducing themselves here, and that the furtherance of their designs upon a friendless, helpless girl, who, without this humiliating confession, might have hoped to receive from one so much her senior something like womanly aid and sympathy?
Such an expression is often mistaken for manly frankness, when in truth it arises from the reckless indifference of a libertine disposition, conscious of superiority of birth, of wealth, or of some other adventitious advantage, totally unconnected with personal merit.
Ye did beget this luckless child, and have abandoned him, ye creative libertines.
To do so, however, we need to assess the shifting nature of the libertine discourse, mediated as it was after 1700 by she culture of sensibility and other shifts toward a more ostentatiously moral society for nearly every social stratum.
His dreamlike films (Young Soul Rebels, Looking for Langston) infuse black and gay identity politics with the libertine radicality celebrated in the works of his heroes Pasolini and Derek Jarman.
A LIBERTINE IS TYPICALLY DEFINED as one who indulges in desires without restraint or regard for a socially accepted code of conduct.
It threatens to turn feminism upside down, transforming it from a liberation movement into one that caters to a libertine sensibility pursuing simply the cause of liberty--the ability to do as one wishes.
IT'S already made itself lots of fans in Aberystwyth but now The Libertine could be opening a venue in Cardiff.
Peter is and always will be a Libertine and when he cleans up from his addictions he will be immediately welcomed back into the band.
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Not only has he finished his first solo album, he's also just released his autobiography, Threepenny Memoir: The Lives Of A Libertine.