liberty of choosing

See: discretion
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dModa gives you the liberty of choosing what consumer you want to be," says Ana-Carolina, "you can do whatever you want; the worst you can do is fail and if you do, you can just try again.
The Chinese had the liberty of choosing what group they would be in as the host country.
The Emirati ace was hence the fourth driver to have the liberty of choosing the Rally's start position and it was number 10.
However, based on a string of recent court cases, companies may not have the liberty of choosing how stock losses will be classified.
In addition to luxury travel (business class and private jet air travel) and five-star accommodations, American Express will take the liberty of choosing a unique complimentary souvenir in keeping with the Cardmember's travel theme.
This allows students a liberty of choosing from a plethora of topics and subject categories.
As it stands, Khomeini's centralization was a breach of the fundamental Shiite practice of ijtihad, under which believers have the liberty of choosing the scholars they wish to follow.
Vehicles naturally are going to get banged up in parking lots or by kicked up stones while driving; therefore, as long as the damage is minimal and strictly physical, drivers will have the liberty of choosing to leave it be, personally fix it or have it professionally touched up further down the road.
Another strength and level of excellence for 3ds max software is that you have the liberty of choosing from different renderers depending on the style of animation you are creating," said Ryuichi Yagi, Director of CG at Shirogumi.

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