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The woman appeared on a charge of lewd, indecent and libidinous practices.
51) In ancient times the hare was worshiped almost universally for its fertility, and through the middle ages and even today, hares and rabbits are considered libidinous.
But I will argue below that, like blues discourses, which offer this opposition and also deconstruct it, Their Eyes collapses the dichotomy between Nanny and Tea Cake, respectability and desire, in order to position Janie as sexual but not libidinous.
Wedding Crashers is a filthy-minded romantic comedy that follows two friends who get their kicks by gatecrashing weddings for their own libidinous gain.
Comparisons were inevitable, and after Marden's spartan assurance and Williams's libidinous brashness, Reed came across looking a little bit like an overtalker.
How does she reconcile belting such libidinous fare for an audience that doesn't view her as an object of sexual desire?
It is believed he has been charged with lewd and libidinous conduct.
The play is a potboiler of sorts, with traces of Tamburlaine, The Tempest and Don Quixote, a tale of Neapolitan court intrigue featuring a pirate, a libidinous tyrant, and a hero, Virolet, who oscillates between his noble wife and machiavellian mistress, whom he also marries.
He also faces charges of indecent assault and lewd and libidinous practices.
He is also charged with using lewd, indecent and libidinous behaviour towards three other youngsters.
The ex-railwayman was jailed at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week after being earlier convicted of lewd and libidinous behaviour and sexual assault.
Once she was busted and her story made her a celebrity, she continued to make money through the sale of books and products that exploited the libidinous imbalance between men and women.