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Williamson is alleged to have used lewd and libidinous practices towards the second girl on various occasions by repeatedly placing his hand under her clothing and underwear, touching her breasts and bottom and repeatedly kissing her.
Last month he admitted 13 charges of indecent assault and lewd, indecent and libidinous practices on boys between 1974 and 1996.
The artist's Pop-surreal forms present bodies as libidinous portents that only tenuously come together, like textbook illustrations of the mirror stage of infant development.
Researchers at the University of Warwick will attempt to harness the libidinous urges of the codling moth to spread a fatal virus among its number - and keep it away from the nation's fruit orchards.
If the experts are to be believed, the drudgery of deleting unsolicited email--frequently of a libidinous nature--is now impairing the nation's productivity, requiring otherwise hard-working employees to waste their precious time deleting it.
Back then, the shy, quiet, unassuming Florence Nightingale that was once Abi Titmuss was never going to land the libidinous John Leslie.
In her final discussion of Chaucer's representation of the marital contract, she argues that Chaucer's overall sympathetic depiction of widows, a singular contrast to the pro forma stereotype of the libidinous widow, deliberately challenges Paul's "monopolistic supply model [of marriage]" (70).
Crowd included such indie thesps as Lili Taylor and Julie Delpy, producer Jeff Levy-Hinte, pie's libidinous Alessandro Nivola, McDormand, Bale and his father, otherwise known at Gloria Steinem's husband, David.
Fat" is a label that describes people who are happy, libidinous, angry, expansive, funny, depressive, compulsive and bad-tempered.
They argue that club women attempted to regulate desire (Carby, "Policing" 741) and refute racist ideologies that represented African American women as libidinous (Giddings 85-89).