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Among the drammi eroici or opere serie, the first case study discussion of Teuzzone by Apostolo Zeno (from now on I refer only to the authors of the libretti since the music is not discussed at all in this book).
As in almost every chapter, Ward takes details from the opera libretti to explore the culture that generates them, from fashion to art, from travel literature to periodicals, and so on.
Operatic Italian also contains a discussion of the operatic aspects of canzoni (such as Scarlatti's "Sento nel core") and the influence of Dante on poetry and the language of libretti.
If this can be a bit dry at times, and if we could have been told much more about the vibrant social and cultural life lying behind the politics, we are nevertheless rewarded with a vivid portrait of how townsfolk in Monte Libretti managed to exercise and maintain power over their own affairs while occasionally negotiating with their noble overlords, the Barberini, on their own behalf well into the eighteenth century.
In Libretti, the Supreme Court interpreted the applicability of Rule 11 (f) to a guilty plea containing a criminal forfeiture provision.
Two other fairly recent publications also include identifications of the biblical background of the Bach cantata librettos, Melvin Unger, Handbook to Bach's Sacred Cantata Texts: An Interlinear Translation with Reference Guide to Biblical Quotations and Allusions (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 1996), and Ulrich Meyer, Biblical Quotation and Allusion in the Libretti of the Cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 1997).
When the publisher Ricordi sent a copy of the score to Giuseppe Verdi, the elderly composer wrote back, "In the course of my life, I've read very, very many bad libretti, but I've never read such an idiotic one as this.
While libretti are not included, they are available on the Naxos website: www.
Butler's skillful utilization of primary source materials located in Turin's Archivio Storico della Citta (among several institutions) and careful integration of prior scholarship (notably that of Alberto Basso and Marie-Therese Bouquet) illuminates the protocol established by the Societa in its dealings with singers, negotiations with composers, choice of libretti, and allocation of resources for the spectacles.
A libretto must support other ends, for another art Small wonder that; for long stretches of opera history, writers of libretti were thought of with as much respect as the average B-movie-script hack.
in La Raccolta Rolandi di libretti d'opera (Rome: Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani, 1986).
Sartori aspires to a high degree of purity in avoiding assumptions, but I libretti italiani does not achieve the same level of clarity as the Alm catalogue.