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4) could take advantage of the important studies of Alessandro Roccatagliati on Felice Romani (see Felice Romani librettista [Lucca: LIM, 1996] and, more easily available for English-speaking readers, "Felice Romani, Librettist by Trade," Cambridge Opera Journal 8 [1996]: 113-45), in which much of interest is found also on the position of singers within the production mechanism - something from which Durante might have profited.
There is no evidence that the public was ever involved in the choice of theme; on the contrary, that choice was made by the librettist at the express commission of the impresario, or at least with knowledge of his expectations and that of his audience.
This catalog lists about 15,500 assumed names of 9,800 composers, lyricists, librettists, and writers on music.
Five librettists and five composers in various combinations produced 2008s seven short pieces seen Feb.
Tapestry also runs an ongoing annual workshop program for would-be composers and librettists.
Tapestry New Opera Works mounts a biennial production in which composers are matched with librettists.
The show in question was Opera to Go, Tapestry's April debut of five 15-minute operatic scenes by Canadian composers and librettists.
He gave young composers and librettists a chance to experiment with short, 15-minute operas as a prelude to more substantial works, then put together a first-rate instrumental and vocal ensemble in a production directed and designed by top guns.
ca has announced recipients of the final round of grants from the Canadian Opera Creation Fund: Sound-streams Canada (Toronto), $9,000 to explore a new work by composer Brian Current and librettist Hanna Moscovitch and $12,500 for revisions to R.