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The Libretto L1/060TNMM makes Internet and e-mail communications possible during extensive travel with an embedded modem compatible in 58 regions of the world.
Each presents the plot, background of the production, instrumental and vocal requirements, as well as scenic and costume needs, and both provide the entire text of the libretto in the original Italian, with an English translation.
Wednesday, May 20, 2015, spotlighting the works of Lisa Libretto.
The entrance of the horse-drawn carriage - cocchio in the Italian libretto - from Arras in Act I is in no way made any less of a horse-drawn carriage by the preceding ascending chromatic scales, trills and bellcollar - orchestration that would have been unthinkable when the original story was published.
Even though Toshiba is officially not using the Libretto to take aim at the iPad, the company has promoted the Libretto's multimedia capabilities.
Bred by Agricola Dell 'Olmo in Ireland, Little Libretto is the first foal out of Sharadayna, an unraced Priolo granddaughter of Prix Vermeille winner Sharaya.
An anonymous sheaf of arias, seven of them corresponding in texts to arias from the libretto of the Prague Argippo, was found in the Furst Thurn und Taxis Hofbibliothek in Regensburg.
In the meantime, McClatchy, the out poet who is also editor of The Yale Review, has penned librettos for a dozen other American operas.
Picture this: An affable TV producer-writer and director who's made a handful of entertaining films gets a job directing at a major opera company even though he can't read music or the language of the libretto.
Here are some sample lyrics from the libretto, which is illustrated with photographs of red smoke (that's the "sea of blood") swirling across lavish sets:
The End Of Forever: The Story Of Mekinges And William Conner by Denise Page Caraher is a novel for young adults, based upon a libretto written by the author, which in turn draws upon history, thought with some fictionalized characters and accounts.
Toshiba showed its new pocket-size notebook, the Libretto 50CT, aimed at travelers.