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Libretto was responsible for defining and executing digital transformation initiatives for the firm, directing digital marketing, social media, brand activation, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM/Business Intelligence, web, mobile, sales enablement, and marketing operations.
Giovanni e Paolo--the extant libretto is dated 10 January 1657, and may have accompanied the initial performance, hence, the probability of the date--the same venue at which Xerse, the first collaboration of composer and librettist, took place in 1655.
Setting it in a train station without substituting the bell-collar for a public announcement chime and without changing the libretto to "train carriage" - carrozza ferroviaria - is, however, a blatant contradiction.
Regrettably Grossert and Sandmeier muddy the water by comparing Twentieth-century versions of the libretto not with Morell's original but with earlier German versions,) Sandmeier's chapter on the many performances of Judas Maccabeus in Germany 1933-45 shows the oratorio being both further corrupted by National Socialists into a vehicle for warmongering racial triumphalism and cherished by the Judische Kulturbunde, where it figured in their debates about the existence and identity of Jewish music, The fugitive nature of Kulturbunde history makes this probably the most original as well as the most distressing part of the book.
The chapter on Metastasio's L'eroe cinese is the most extensive, offering more textual and dramaturgical analysis of the libretto.
In Rodriguez's genetic approach, the narrative serves as the original text, while the libretto is taken as a rendition.
Even though Toshiba is officially not using the Libretto to take aim at the iPad, the company has promoted the Libretto's multimedia capabilities.
Bred by Agricola Dell 'Olmo in Ireland, Little Libretto is the first foal out of Sharadayna, an unraced Priolo granddaughter of Prix Vermeille winner Sharaya.
When one considers that, apart from the Ungaretti poems set by Gentilucci and the libretto of Ulisse, these texts scarcely invite consideration away from their music, and further, that in Parole da Beckett, as Suvini-Hand puts it, the words 'are, to a large extent, treated as raw elementary sound, and the actual text is often unintelligible' (p.
Supreme in-hand Ch - Moelgarnedd Derwen; R - Nantcol Libretto.
The case of Argippo is quite different, for only three arias known from other Vivaldi operas appear in the text of the libretto, which is today in the Prague National Library.