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Several states have enacted legislation that voids a contract if the contractor is not properly licensed, thereby releasing the homeowner from the obligation to pay for faulty services.
And the growing interest in mobile computing has raised concerns about contractual limitations on the specific computers licensed to run software.
There, his focus and definitive expertise on creating strong and innovative products, combined with strong licenses, established "feature plush" product as a key category in driving preschool licensed lines, and has changed the landscape of the toy industry forever.
The AAA Foundation report concluded that unlicensed drivers are about five times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than licensed drivers.
The service utilizes a proprietary database comprised of more than 450,000 licensed lenders and brokers and includes 169 license types.
NEW YORK -- In the ever-diversifying marketplace, licensed products represent $175 billion(a) in retail sales worldwide and bring new excitement to consumer products goods categories across the board.
According to GungHo's 2005 financial statements, substantially all of GungHo's revenue was derived from products licensed from or sold and licensed to Gravity.

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