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Figueroa, a mother of two, mistakenly believed her training as a certified nursing assistant qualified her to do the job of a licensed practical nurse.
Licensed practical nurses also communicate with other healthcare team members regarding residents' care.
A job description and skills guideline was established with the assistance of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses.
01/06 Monitoring of the Conscious Sedation Patient by Licensed Practical Nurse Guidelines, #P-07--Revised
Working Together: A Framework for the Registered Nurse and the Licensed Practical Nurse (2003) is a joint document between NANB and ANBLPN.
has received a $15,387 grant to fund a community feasibility study for a licensed practical nurse program.
Bay Community College as a licensed practical nurse.
Traditionally, many people entered the nursing profession as a licensed practical nurse, which requires about a year's worth of coursework at a vocational school, or with an associate's's degree that allows them to earn registered nurse status.
She was a licensed Practical Nurse specializing in nursing home care.

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