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37) All PIs must lie in the scope of a licenser; some (like any N) additionally require a c-commanding licenser at morphological structure.
WordLogic Corporation is a progressive developer and licenser of advanced text input software for wireless information devices.
These essays explore the relationship between Milton's personal view of heresy and its impact on his public life, particularly his role as licenser (Dobranski), his views of the culture of insults (Hale), the meaning of blasphemy (Loewenstein), and the implications of Samson Agonist es as closet drama (Sauer).
June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- iBiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer and licenser of HD Radio technology, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation , announced today that Mitsubishi Electric has signed a license to develop products using iBiquity's HD Radio technology.
The Copyright Clearance Center (Danvers, MA), a licenser of text reproduction rights, has launched Rightslink Permissions, a new service that allows online content providers to license reuse of their copyrighted content directly from their Web sites.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- Sprint (NYSE: FON) and leading sports licenser The Score Board have signed a three-year agreement for domestic and international development of prepaid calling cards featuring star athletes from all major professional sports.
OTC:SDNI), the developer and licenser of Digital_IR and Light-Link technologies used in remote control devices, today announced it has entered into a non-exclusive marketing agreement with Tyrell, Inc.
6 million visitors each month--as well as the MarketWatch Information Service group, a licenser of market news, data and investment tools to financial services firms and the media.
Petras, the licenser of rapper and musician Foxy Brown's fur line, plans to renovate and combine both spaces to focus on Brown's collection and the company's Alexis and Gianni brand, according to Michael Heaner and Grant Greenspan of Kaufman/ Adler, who represented both the tenant and the landlord.
Ayre's brainchild, the online betting and gaming licenser BodogBrand.
Woodward, a family child care licenser and director of curriculum development at a care training institute, and Hurley, a director of children's care services and curriculum at a care training institute, offer a manual for home visitors that describes the skills needed to perform duties in family child care settings such as inspection, monitoring, evaluation, support, accountability, technical assistance, and investigation.