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The Italian says, Sospetto licentia fede; as if suspicion, did give a passport to faith; but it ought, rather, to kindle it to discharge itself.
Praedicationem necessariam valde et laudabilem esse credimus; tamen ex auctoritate vel licentia summi pontificis vel praelatorum permissione illam credimus exercendam.
Firms participating are: Aber Instruments from Aberystwyth; Licentia Group and myPinPad from Cardiff Bay; Weartech International from Port Talbot and Teddington Engineered Solutions based in Llanelli.
The superior licentia accorded to poetry is a function of its subtlety in the use of rhetorical devices, figures of speech, and in the ability to draw metaphorical relationships.
Fescennina per hunc inventa licentia morem / versibus alternis opprobia rustica fudit /Libertasque recurrentis accepta per annos / lusit amabiliter, donec iam saevus apertam / in rabiem coepit verti iocus et per honestas / ire domos impune minax.
Sed in rebuspublicis, imo et aequitate duce ita restricta est haec licentia, ut laesus aestimatione debeat esse contentus, reservata Reipublicae poena si damnum consulto datum est.
AEG(R) is a registered trademark and its use is pursuant to a License granted by Licentia Patent-Verwaltungs-GmbH.
Eventually, the university would grant the license in the form of a degree, Licentia in Sacra Theologia (STL); see 274-82 for her treatment of twelfth-century logic and systematic theology, and Abelard's effort to bring philosophy to bear on theology (coining the term theologia) followed by a treatment of Hugh of St.
Stylistically, the Satyricon thus parodies Roman gravitas and severitas (or the sublime) in favor of levitas and licentia (the bovine): 'The realism of satire had its association with the seamier side of life, the low sexual elements which were studiously avoided in the more elevated literary forms of epic and tragedy' (Sullivan 1968, 100).
We are delighted to announce this agreement with CoGenesys, which builds on our extensive patent portfolio covering VEGF-C and VEGF-D and antagonists to these molecules, developed by Ludwig and Licentia over the past 10 years," said Robert Klupacs, Managing Director of Vegenics.
Such a distinction, although initially tied to whatever authority could confer the licentia docendi (which would have been the head of a cathedral school earlier), at Paris and Bologna was believed to be a "prescriptive right" by custom to confer this license to teach everywhere, (22) and later it was granted only by the pope (beginning with Gregory IX in 1233), not by the civil authority or Episcopal authority.
What one sees in Burton is both a type of ethnocentrism that shades into extreme racism (for example, at one point he equates Sierra Leone with Jamaica and urges the suppression of what he calls the damnosa licentia before Sierra Leone restages the Jamaica rebellion) and what seems its opposite: a commitment to an extraordinary type of moral relativism that might also serve, when pressed, as the foundation for insightful ethnography.

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