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They equate our teenage pregnancies with empty churches, drunkenness and licentious behaviour and, hardly surprisingly, take away the message that we have given up on God - a shocking conclusion to Muslims, who have livelier faith.
An ancient German-language Bible, believed to be one of the first ever printed, has a page missing thanks to some of the hippy marquess's more licentious mates.
For all his supposed wisdom and awareness that the end is nigh, Kepesh fiercely maintains his role as libertine, espousing 'liberty' from love of parents, children (his son Kenny is a one-dimensional foil to the licentious father), wives or lovers.
When they had their one real opportunity in power, under the Catholic Brian Mulroney, they watched the court strike down the existing abortion law and then left the country with no restrictions whatsoever, giving us the most licentious abortion-on-demand regime in the Western world.
Given the mercenary nature of his troops and their licentious customs, his reforms, he concludes, would simply not work with the personnel he has on hand.
On the one hand, he was a puritan who disapproved of dancing, and on the other hand, he was one of the most libidinous, licentious figures of his time.
A target for licentious groping bawdiness and unpleasant female behaviour ?
But far from promoting licentious freedom, the decade's reforms insisted that individuals should take responsibility for their behaviour and for nurturing a more tolerant society.
Impressed by their courage, the bystanders realized that it was not their licentious ruler but these brave young men who had triumphed in the end.
At the same time that Mantuan was composing his poetic diatribe against licentious literature, Giovanni Pontano, whose youthful Pruritus, sive de lascivia (1449) had been inspired by the Hermaphroditus, was returning in his old age to erotic poetry in the style of Catullus with his Hendecasyllabi.
Even so, a rebellious and licentious urge proves difficult to contain.