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This led to a lickspittle approach where journalists became sycophantic ciphers of the state.
This only led to Siderov leaping up, calling Ovcharov "a lickspittle", and heading towards the tribune aided by two more Ataka MPs.
Instead, let's peek at a rare moment of truth from the GOP that shows its true colors: the sniveling, lickspittle apology to BP and their idea of what a "tragedy of the first proportion" is.
But there are always exceptions to the rules and it is the courageous whistle-blower who protects democracy, not the lickspittle politician who is 'only obeying orders' even when he knows that what he is doing is wrong.
Missing from Garnett are any examples of medieval poetry (to be included in a future anthology from this press) and any living poets, with the sole exceptions of Naum Korzhavin and Sergei Mikhalkov, who appears in spite of being dismissed as a 'Stalinist lickspittle' in the introduction.
With his fellow lickspittle, Karl Muller, there stood the inseparable friend of Michael's childhood.
Even Anthony Scaramucci, the still loyal lickspittle who lasted 11 days as White House communications director, admits Trump has "a reality distortion field" which allows him to "curve facts toward himself ".
The Constitutional Council a lickspittle of then incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo declared for Gbagbo, provoking a deadlock in which each swore himself in as president.
Meanwhile the summit love-in has been disrupted by the lickspittle Mexican president, who wants the U.S.
"Lickspittle Australian prime minister is reintroducing damehoods.
We should not have been there and only Blair's lickspittle desire to be Dubya's best buddy put us there.